About Sunshine Hills Woods

Sunshine Hills Woods is a stunning community located in North Delta, British Columbia. Sticking with the areas trending theme of outdoor beauty, Sunshine Hills Woods features gorgeous recreational areas that flow with the environmental prestige. The community also boasts more than adequate shopping availability and a flourishing real estate market.

Sunshine Hills Woods is also an attractive, suburban hub of mostly middle class families and a wide variety of shopping centers and restaurants. If you are looking for a unique and friendly neighborhood, Sunshine Hills Woods is the place to be. The community of Sunshine Hills Woods can be described using one word: thriving.

Attractive Homes

Most home types in Sunshine Hills Woods are single family houses. Many homes available on the real estate market are large, charming structures with attractive curb appeal. There is something for everyone in Sunshine Hills Woods, from older, more traditionally styled houses, to new construction.


There are housing types and availability to meet the needs of a multitude of individuals in Sunshine Woods. Charming, well maintained condos and townhouses provide excellent starter homes for first time home buyers and individuals looking for a house that requires minimal maintenance.

The large majority of homes in Sunshine Hills Woods are large, single family homes. These beautiful houses attract middle class families all around British Columbia. Many older homes have been upgraded and undergone major restoration while keeping their vintage charm. New construction is a trending buy in Sunshine Hills Woods as well. No matter what your tastes in style of homes, this community has something for everyone.


Sunshine Hills Woods is full of available recreational activities. The area is home to the Delta Nature Reserve, Watershed Park and the Sunshine Hills Woods Golf Course. It is also home to the Sungod Recreation Centre — an indoor, mega sports facility that boasts 5 pools, a sauna, steam room, arena, swirl pool, weight room, aerobic studio, cycling studio, gymnasium, meeting rooms, therapy clinic and cafe.

For those who seek something other than outdoor recreation and physical activities, Sunshine Hills Woods has a great library, multiple shopping centers and superstores and a cineplex for movies.


Two of Surrey’s excellent elementary schools, Pinewood Elementary School and Cougar Canyon Elementary School, are located in Sunshine Hills Woods, convenient for those with growing families and young children. These educational institutions are known for putting children on the right track for a successful future in higher level learning.

If you have children who will be considering college in the near future, or if you are an adult learner, Sunshine Hills Woods is also home to an excellent technical college: Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

The Golf Course

Sunshine Hills Woods is home to one of the best golf courses in the greater Vancouver area, the Sunshine Hills Woods Golf Center. Beginner to expert golfers will enjoy the rolling, meticulously maintained greenery that includes an 18 hole, par 3 golf course and full sized driving range. The clubhouse includes the ProShop, where you may purchase all your golfing necessities, and a cafeteria. This feature of Sunshine Hills Woods is an excellent way to spend your free days living in the area.

What You And Your Family Can Expect

The community of Sunshine Hills Woods is a quiet, area full of suburban charm and everything a growing middle class family could want and need. From excellent schools to shopping and outdoor recreational activities, including a state of the art golf center, this is a place where you can truly enjoy life to the fullest.

Sunshine Hills Woods continues to attract families seeking to live in a top notch, enriching area. The benefit of a relaxed lifestyle coupled with the availability of activities and amenities, along with the easy access to larger cities, makes Sunshine Hills one of North Delta’s most likable communities.

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