Schools In North Delta

North Delta schools are part of the Delta School District, which has 24 elementary schools and 7 secondary schools. About 16,000 students attend school in the district.

North Delta is a family-friendly community and its wealth of reputable schools shows that. The schools have performed well in student and parent satisfaction surveys because of their high standards of education. Their quality programs stress achievement, and they work hard to ensure each student’s learning needs are met. If your child goes to school in North Delta, their environment will be safe, stimulating and diverse.

The district’s graduation rates are some of the highest in British Columbia. To make sure they continue to hit the mark, the schools sign an annual Achievement Contract that ensures focus and resources are allocated to the right areas. Teachers, staff and parents are all invested in the progress and success of the students.


This community’s schools recognizes that each student has different needs. Advanced Placement courses are available to students in secondary school. Seaquam Secondary even offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for students in grades 11 and 12. The widely-respected program is known for its rigorous curriculum and operates as an international pre-university qualification.

The school district also offers classes for students with disabilities. Since every child has the right to an education, North Delta school employees work their hardest to give every student specialized attention.
If you would like your children to attend a traditional school, then North Delta is a good place to be. There are three traditional schools in the Delta School District.

These schools place emphasis on strong teaching practices and discipline. Students wear uniforms, learn manners and maintain structured work routines. The formal environment fosters ambitious, successful leaders. Similarly, students can enroll in Home Quest, a ministry-funded Distributed Learning program.

The district is committed to making sure that every student receives the optimal education. The curriculum now includes more Aboriginal perspectives, as a growing number of students identify as being part of the culture. Classes teach about the local First Nations people and their territory, among other lessons about Aboriginal history and lifestyle.

The Community

As active members of their neighborhoods, North Delta schools participate in community events. The district makes sure every student has access to the best education he can have. There is even a Canadian Parents for French (CPF) – Delta chapter that promotes French in the area. CPF offers language camps and scholarships and is a great resource for French Immersion parents.

No matter your child’s age or learning pace, they will be treated well in North Delta schools. The Delta School District offers a range of options in school type, teaching style and environment. If you live in the community, you can be confident that your child will receive a challenging but fruitful education. The curriculum encourages social and academic growth and stresses hard work, responsibility and respect. With this foundation, your kids will be more prepared to have successful university lives and careers.