About Annieville

Annieville, BC was the first town settled in North Delta and comprised of mostly Norwegian settlers that were farmers, brick makers and mink ranchers.

It has several streams that feed into Fraser River including McAdam, Collings, Norum, Honeymushroom, Kendall and Knudson. The town originally was heavily forested and the runoff from the rainwater and streams helped keep the salmon population thriving. Unfortunately, industrialization of the town resulted in polluted runoff, all but killing the salmon population.

The Annieville Cannery built in 1878 is now closed. However, Annieville Elementary, Cougar Canyon Elementary and Chalmers have implemented rain gardens to help filter and absorb rainwater runoff so that the streams now collect cleaner water, thus revitalizing the wildlife of Annieville.

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Places of Note:

The neighbourhood of Annieville boasts a rich history.