Can a Well Landscaped Yard Help Sell Your Home?

Front yard of a house
The North Delta real estate market has never been better and only shows signs of heating up even more as we head into spring. It is definitely a sellers’ market right now and with so many different options on the market, there is so much to choose from. This is great news if you are a buyer, but may provide some challenges if you are a seller. A well landscaped yard should definitely provide that extra edge that may move your home from the “for sale” market into the “sold” market.

Get your yard in shape
Your front yard is the first impression that any potential buyer will see when they come to look at your home. Make sure that your front yard is clear of any debris and that your lawn is freshly mowed. A well-manicured front yard will show any potential buyer that your home is in good working order and that the home, like the lawn, has been properly cared for.
Remember, a properly cared for front yard is more than just a freshly mowed lawn. Make sure that you weed any flower beds and remove any dead plants that did not winter well. While you are at it, replace or fill up any mulch, bark or gravel and stone areas before putting your home on the market. Again, these small attentions to detail are so important for the overall presentation of your home.

Give your home some colour
If you have ever been to any open houses, usually a bouquet of flowers is part of the table centerpiece. Flowers give any room or setting a certain flare. Make sure to do the same to the outside of your home. Again, while you are replacing your mulch or weeding your flower beds, bring in some durable and inexpensive flowers to give your yard and home a splash of colour. You will be surprised how far this little trick will go when it comes time to selling your home.

Power wash
Give the outside of your home a quick power wash. A power wash will help remove any stains or dirt that may have built up and developed over the winter months. It will also wash away any algae or unsightly moss. Make sure to power wash all concrete or surfaced parts of the exterior of your home. This includes all decks and patios, driveways and walkways. Again your driveway and walkway are all important first impressions when it comes to selling your home.

A well landscaped yard is such an important piece when it comes to selling your home. Not only does it provide potential buyers with a first look at the overall property, it can also show what kind of care you have given your home. Make sure that you leave potential buyers with a positive first impression so you can move your home into the sold category. Need help selling your North Delta Real Estate? Give us a call!

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