Get Your Home Ready for Summer

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Summertime is nearly here, and whether you’re looking to sell your Surrey Delta home, or are just excited to show off your new home, now is the time to spruce up the place for the coming season. Summer is a time for visitors, for parties, for fellowship and fun, and the right curb appeal will make your house a destination point for the whole neighbourhood! Explore a few tips and tricks for getting your Surrey Delta real estate in shape for the summer season, from the walkway to the yard to the inside!

Walkway Maintenance

Too many people overlook basic walkway maintenance, but a sparkling walk can make a huge difference in your home’s overall appearance. Clean it off—the best way to do this is with a power washing service, but a hose and scrub brush will do the trick if need be.

Check it for damaged bricks or paving stones and take care of those problems. If the issue is just a chip or stain, you may be able to just flip it over. Otherwise, replace those that are in bad repair. Be sure to level out the dirt underneath!

Windows and Doors

Now is the right time to fix caulking and weather stripping issues you might have developed from the winter weather. Washing the windows will brighten up your house and add a subtle touch of beauty. Be all-natural and use vinegar instead of harsh chemicals, and use a squeegee to dry it for a streak-free surface. Best to do this on a cloudy day.

Restore the Fence

If you’ve got a fence around your property, check for loose boards and posts, and reinforce them as needed. Make sure the whole thing is sturdy and give the paint job or stain (if natural wood) a touch-up if called for.

Gardening and Landscaping

This is the part of yard maintenance that makes the most difference. Clean up your flower beds. Weed them out, redefine the edges, and take care of mowing and edging your yard. Keep everything neat and even, and get those summer flowers in the ground! Clear out dead leaves and twigs, and apply plugs or re-seed bare or dead spots to create a lush, green carpet.

Fix up the Driveway

Now is also a great time to repair and reseal your driveway. Patch any cracks with blacktop or cement, then use a driveway brush or squeegee to apply a fresh coat of sealer to the pavement. There are versions available for both concrete and blacktop.

Check for Repairs

Check your roof, gutters, deck, front porch, siding and other aspects of your home for any needed repairs. Clean the gutters and make sure they’re secure, make sure there are no loose shingles, clean up loose deck boards and give everything a thorough washing and touch-up.

Surrey Delta Real Estate Tips

These touch-ups are generally easy things you can do every year to get your home looking sharp for the summer season. If you’re looking to sell your home this year, contact the Kam Pawar Real Estate Team to get started today!

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