Cozy Home Decorating Ideas

High Point of Winter
January marks the high point of winter. The temperatures have dropped, the rains are here and wool and toques are now an everyday fashion requirement.  As the temperatures and the weather outside are miserable and cold, why not turn your home into a comfortable, cozy winter nook?  A warm winter look in your home will be a great contrast to what is going on outside of your home. As the premier North Delta real estate agents we would like to share the following tips to help you create that warm and inviting look in your home.

Colours and Patterns
One of the fastest ways to transform your home into that warm and cozy winter nook is to adjust the colours in your home. This can be as simple as changing the throws on your sofa cushions and changing the linens and towels or as complex as changing the duvet covers or repainting walls. Some simple suggestions are changing your towels to soft warm colours such as light brown or ochre.  Oranges or bright colours can also provide a great contrasting effect. Another simple way of making your home more comfy is hanging plaid throws or using plaid chair cushions. Look for a Canadian print to help highlight your sofa.

kitchen or living room
More complex approaches to a comfy and cozy home can include changing over your bedding. Deep colours such as red can help bring that cozy look into your bedroom. Make sure to compliment new bedding with flannel sheets and pillow cases. Also, changing up your rugs can bring a more inviting look into your room. Think about using a colour that will directly contrast the deep colours on your bedding.

A nice accompaniment to a cozy, warm feel is winter scents. These traditionally include scents that are synonymous with Christmas; smells such as peppermints or that fresh Christmas tree smell. Try burning candles that have warm scents such as these to further enhance that comfortable winter feel. Regardless of what scent you choose, a burning candle gives off a nice inviting light; perfect for creating that warm feeling in your home. Burn candles in various rooms to not only cut down on your electricity bill, but to also create the perfect warm winter ambiance.

Nothing says Canadian winter like a fire. A wood burning stove is the ultimate way to stay warm and add that final touch to your winter decor. If you do not have a wood burning stove, do not fear as an electric heater with an artificial fire setting is affordable and can provide a similar feel. Let yourself be warmed by firelight (or the next best thing). Either way it will make your home feel that much more comfy and cozy.
With just a few minor adjustments, you can quickly transform your home into a warm and inviting winter space.  Light a few candles and cuddle up by the fireplace to enjoy some warm evenings as the winter weather rages outside. If you need a new home this winter season we would be happy to help you find the perfect winter abode. Feel free to call the KAm Pawar real estate team whether you are buying or selling this year.

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