Why You Will Love Living in North Delta

Whether you are about to start your professional career, looking to find a good place to raise a family or you are ready to retire, the North Delta region is the place to be. Traditionally, it has been a quiet retirement community. While many of those neighborhoods are still easy to find, opportunities for younger people have been cropping up all over the area.

One of the most beneficial improvements has been the influx of transportation options. The Trans-Link, the Scottsdale Exchange, the Vancouver Sky Train and the Scott Road Station are all available to North Delta residents. With these selections, getting to and from jobs within or outside the region is a breeze. In addition, there is plenty of nightlife for young (and not so young) people to enjoy.

For families, there are a huge number of schools and parks available for you and your children. There are 24 elementary schools and 7 secondary schools. North Delta boasts some of the best secondary school sports in the region as well, even including special academies hosted by professional sports teams.

For quieter weekends, there are many farmers markets and festivals in the area. For much of the year you can get fresh food and other goods straight from the producer. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in North Delta.

Everything You Need To Know About North Delta

There are so many great things about living in North Delta, and many great neighborhoods that make up this thriving community. Here is a list of the benefits of living in the region:

  • There are a wide range of restaurant options, from Thai to German to American and everything in between.
  • North Delta is also home to fine shopping options, including higher end boutiques and some quaint mom-and-pop stores.
  • If you enjoy fresh produce, you can find a farmers markets in North Delta just about every weekend.
  • For those events the whole family can enjoy, check out the huge variety of festivals and events that occur throughout the year.
  • Families will also enjoy the many schools that are in the region. With more than 30 schools to choose from, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your children.
  • Of course, no secondary school would be complete without sports. Schools in the
    area offer many different sports, including some schools with special academies.
  • For young people, and those young at heart, you can find the perfect facet of North Delta’s nightlife to enjoy. From bars to casinos to theatres, this area’s got it all.
  • If you’re looking to get out and be active, be sure to check out North Delta’s parks and recreation selection. From open green spaces to rec centers, you can find the perfect way to stay fit.
  • Sometimes you just want to walk the town. There are many things to do around North Delta, including visiting historic sites or smelling the roses in a local garden.
    The demographics of the region are highly heterogeneous and are growing more and more diverse.
  • Perhaps most importantly, there are plenty of transportation options in North Delta. Whether you need to go across town or across the region, you can find a ride.

Many neighbourhoods make up this region, including:

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With first-hand experience within the communities he serves, Kam has built a solid reputation for expertise in the Surrey, Delta and White Rock real estate market. He is known as a sincere real estate agent whose own path from meager and humble beginnings to stability and success is one which inspires many and which he encourages others to follow.